The Anti-Defamation League’s (ADL) hypocrisy in claiming to stand for “human rights”—whereas in fact they stand only for the rights of Jews above all others—has been thoroughly exposed by Dr. David Duke—in comments on the Jewish Supremacist’s official blog!
The ADL posted up an entry on its official blog attacking Dr. Duke for daring to speak out about the Zio-Holocaust being perpetrated on the innocent children of Gaza.
According to the ADL, Dr. Duke’s latest sin is, in their words, being a “peace activist” and “an unbiased historian.”
The Jewish Supremacists then go on to whine about Dr. Duke’s latest video on their co-religionists campaign of murder in Gaza—and attack Dr. Duke’s video on the war in Gaza.
According to the ADL, Dr. Duke is just “using” the situation in Gaza to “win sympathizers.”
The ADL says that Dr. Duke’s video “has received almost 32,000 views on YouTube (in reality, the number is in excess of 37,000, but that just one very recent video—others, such as “CCN, Goldman Sachs and the Zio-matrix have had in excess of 680,000 views on YouTube—500,000 of them within the last few weeks).
Upon being informed of the latest outburst of hate from the ADL, Dr. Duke took it upon himself to answer them directly. He posted up two comments on their blog—under his own name and avatar.
The comments appeared on the blog—for a few hours anyway, until the Jewish censor saw and deleted them.
Dr. Duke commented as follows:
“You can paint me as ‘anti-Semitic’ just as you paint all critics of Israel. The truth is that over 95 percent of all viewers rate my video as thumbs up.
“If you were truly a human rights organization as you paint yourself to the American people you would oppose the racist state of Israel.
“If I am newsworthy enough to have been on Meet the Press 3 times, I am certainly able to comment and the Zionist controlled policy of the United States.
“Also, I very carefully do not claim all Jews are liars, in fact I point out courageous Jews who oppose Zionism and Jewish religious extremism.
“But the leaders who run Israel and the pro-Zionist lobbies around the world are liars who cover up the enormous crimes of Israel, which is harmful to the reputation of Jews as well as harmful to their victims.”
The purpose of the ADL attack is, just like the Jewish Supremacist BBC attempt to control the news on that British broadcaster, an attempt to divert criticism away from their beloved Israel.
The ADL’s rationale is that if they can attack the messenger, rather than the message, they hope they can deflect attention away from the crimes committed by their Jewish Supremacist fanatics in Israel.
As Dr. Duke pointed out, if the ADL was really so concerned about “human rights,” they would be speaking out against Israel’s bombardment of Gaza, UN hospitals, schools, shelters; the ongoing ethnic cleansing being carried out in the West Bank through Israel’s “Separation Wall” (which has de facto added huge slices of Palestinian land to Israel; and the illegal but Israeli-state backed Jewish Settlements in the West Bank which have the ultimate purpose of driving out the last of the Palestinians in Greater Israel.
But no, the ADL is not interested in the “human rights” of Palestinians, or of the human rights of any non-Jews in America. Rather, their sole focus is the rights of Jews, Jewish Supremacists and what they believe is their God-ordained right to rule over the hatedGoyim.
It is one rule for the Jewish Supremacists, another rule for the Gentiles.
Watch the video by Dr. Duke over which the ADL is so bitterly complaining below.